by Antoinette Stockenberg
4.1 of 26

Format: Ebook

Pages: 337

Language: English

ISBN: 9780985780623

Published: 2013-01-02


Newly married to a man of wealth and reputation who's willing to be stepfather to her daughter Abigail, Sara Bonniface would seem to have all she's ever wanted for Abby: a beautiful home, a man to be there for her, and the assurance of a top education for the bright if headstrong child. But twelve-year-old Abby has other ideas, embarking on a crusade to learn more about her birth father. Relentless and computer-savvy, Abby manages to track down and then drag Ben McElwyn, ex-cop and now a P.I., back into Sara's life.

It's the last thing that Sara needs. She's already under assault from a series of mystifying events that have her dreading the possibility that she's suffering from schizophrenia, the affliction that destroyed her own mother.

It's the last thing that Ben needs. He's a lone wolf and determined to stay that way. Him, the father of a twelve-year-old daughter? He refuses to believe it.

It's the last thing that Rodger Bonniface, Abby's stepfather, needs. Headmaster of a prestigious prep school in Massachusetts, Rodger's reputation is pristine. Rich, confident, and cooly charming, Rodger has surprised everyone by marrying a woman with neither his background nor his sophistication. Still, Sara has great beauty, so they understand. And before her marriage she was a respectable widow, a sympathetic figure-- everyone, including Rodger, believes.

Until twelve-year-old Abby lobs that hand grenade into the elegant quarters of the house called Tidewater.

Editorial Reviews

"A spellbinding thriller that is both intense and riveting."
--Romantic Times

"With a flare matching Hitchcock, Antoinette Stockenberg delivers a wonderfully twisted story that is all too typical of what goes on today."
--The Romance Reader's Connection

"This book has it all! It satisfied me on many levels. It has a touching romantic reunion, gut-twisting suspense, and wrenching emotional impact. Ms. Stockenberg excels at novels that explore the mother/daughter relationship, and this one is no exception. If you like suspense, romance, and family relationships, all wrapped up in a credible story, Tidewater should make you very happy."
--Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author