The Glass Lake

by Maeve Binchy
4.6 of 107
The Glass Lake

Format: Ebook

Pages: 768

Language: English

ISBN: 9780440337645

Published: 1995-02-02

NEW YORK TIMESBESTSELLER • “Compulsively readable . . . Like all her exuberant fiction, The Glass Lake is large, generous, and full of life.”—San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

Night after night the beautiful woman walked beside the serene waters of Lough Glass. Until the day she disappeared, leaving only a boat drifting upside down on the unfathomable lake that gave the town its name. Ravishing Helen McMahon, the Dubliner with film-star looks and unfulfilled dreams, never belonged in Lough Glass, not the way her genial pharmacist husband Martin belonged, nor their spirited daughter Kit. Suddenly she is gone and Kit is haunted by the memory of her mother, seen through a window, alone at the kitchen table, tears streaming down her face. Now Kit, too, has secrets: of the night she discovered a letter on Martin’s pillow and burned it, unopened. The night her mother was lost. The night everything changed forever . . . 

Praise for The Glass Lake

“Remarkably moving . . . may be her most compelling novel to date.”Chicago Tribune

“Mesmerizing.”San Diego Union-Tribune

“You won’t be able to put the novel down.”Cosmopolitan