The Bloody Spur

by Mickey Spillane
4.6 of 7
The Bloody Spur

Format: Ebook

Pages: 304

Language: English

ISBN: 9780786036196

Published: 2018-12-01

You can outnumber Caleb York … but you can’t outgun him.
Rancher George Cullen doesn’t like the Santa Fe Railroad’s plan to drive a spur through his town. He intends to put up a fight—even though everyone else in Trinidad, New Mexico, including his own daughter, stands on the side of the railroad …
Sheriff Caleb York rides out to the Bar-O to reason with his old friend. But Cullen’s ex-partner, Burt O’Malley, is back in town after a twenty-year stint in the pen. And hired gun Alver Hollis, aka the Preacherman, has shown up with two cronies, claiming they’re in town for a big poker game. With the whole town on the verge of a shootout, Caleb keeps a firm grip on his Colt .44. Soon enough, he’ll take dead aim to keep the peace …  
“Spillane is a master in compelling you to always turn the next page.”
New York Times

“Collins displays his mastery of Spillane’s distinctive two-fisted prose.”
Publishers Weekly

“Spillane is a pioneer of tough-guy ethics.”
Washington Post