Death at the Wheel (The Thea Kozak Mystery Series, Book 3)

by Kate Flora
4.7 of 3
Death at the Wheel (The Thea Kozak Mystery Series, Book 3)

Format: Ebook

Pages: 320

Language: English

ISBN: 9781614171386

Published: 2011-10-06

Smart and funny, Thea Kozak is carving out a career for herself while trying to win her critical mother's approval.
Home for Easter, Thea's mother introduces her to Julie Bass, a young widow whose husband died in a horrific accident at the local auto racetrack. Julie is the woman Thea's mother wants her to be--married to a suitable man and producing adorable children.
While resisting her mother's insistence that she use her own experience of losing a husband to help Julie, Thea brings her amateur detective skills to bear when the racetrack "accident" proves to be murder and Julie is arrested.
Bypassing the authorities, Thea searches for the real killer, confronting crooked rednecks, corrupt bankers, and barreling through a web of lies. But this time, she may not be able to save herself... or Julie.

"Thea Kozak is a terrific, in-your-face, stand-up gal…Stephanie Plum and Thea Kozak would have a lot to say to each other." ~Janet Evanovich, NYT Bestselling Author

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